Treating cows in Bundelkhand

We have taken up treating injured cows in Village Terha, District Hamirpur, Bundelkhand. Few cases are being given following:

Gaumata Vasudha:

When brought for treatment she had deep injury/infection in vagina.

Treating Vasudha on sixth day it required tying her before treatment at least 4 persons were required.

Finally on 11th day she was alright and we released her as we did not have facility to retain her with us.

Gaumata Jaya:

When we brought her she had deep cut at throat and entire area near wound was filled with pus and peculiar smell was there due to high degree of infection.

Quite improved now

Gaumata Vrinda

She has deep injury in legs and treatment being provided

After 15 days

After 25 days

Gaumata Rama

after few days of treatment

There is lot more to share. We will keep on adding contents.