Adyaa Gaumata

Adyaa Gaumata: Owned by Sh Nirbhay Gupta Ji from Ghaziabad

A farmer came to Shri Shyam Sunder Gaushala Kandhauli along with his cow and was desperate to get rid of her. He requested us to take his cow.
We asked why you are not keeping her. He mentioned that she is not getting pregnent and now he cannot afford cost of keeping her.
We noticed that he tied a rope passing through the horns of the cow. Finally we accepted the cow.
We named her Adya (आद्या) Gaumata. Due to rope through horns there was a wound near horns. We inspected the wound and saw pus was developed.
We were displeased on farmer but now as she belonged to us, we started her treatment and within a week wound was healed.
For our surprise and surprise of you all, it is even less than a month of her being with us, she gave birth to a beautiful male calf on 20th Sept 2017.
Farmer could not even wait for a month. Lord Krishna wanted us to serve Adya Gaumata, therefore she is with us.
As per our policy we don’t sell milk. She will be our first milking Gaumata. Calf will be given the entire mother’s milk.