Attentive go-sevaks have discovered that cows like being scratched at the base of their horns, along the top and underside of their neck, all along the spine to the root of the tail, the pits where their rear legs join the torso and inside their ears.

Some think that cows associate brushing with the affectionate licking they naturally get from their mother and this explains why they are most pleased to receive it. Actually when cows are scratched or groomed, many become so euphoric they may even stop eating or lose their balance. Cows will compete to receive affectionate caresses and we have seen that gentle scratching boosts their self-esteem and if seriously injured or ill, inspires their desire to live.

Gentle scratching pleases cows, and pleasing them constitutes worship. From this it is understood that practically any wholesome activity that pleases them can be considered worship.