Biggest problem with us is that we always say that the problem is on the other side, but I would admit that the problem is with us only.

For example we always say government is not doing, political party is not doing but if you see all these person are like us only.

Why someone else will do anything for your mother if you are not doing anything.

We say cow to be our mother but when it comes to serve her we start seeing at government and at the rich persons.

Generally we all keep selfish motive when we do something be it personal or social. Political leader will say we will stop slaughter of cows with intention of getting vote from public but he knows the solution is not with him the solution lies with public only. On the other hand, we think we have casted our vote and now our responsibility is over. We all are wrong.

If you want to serve /protect a cow a simple solution is do it yourself.

Save one cow/ bull throughout your life and you have done your bit. Others will follow you.

If I say you keep a cow with you, you will say how can I keep a cow in flat. That’s right. So please keep your cow in a hostel. You will ask where the hostel for cow is located. I would say villages are the hostel and farmers are the caretaker. Let us keep our cow in the hostel and pay the hostel fee. Now as we are concerned about our children who are in hostel just keep track about your mother cow on regular basis. Keep a photo of mother cow in your home whom you have kept in hostel. Conduct morning & evening Arti of her and sometime go and visit her. You have done your part.

What you have done… you have served a cow and your bit is over then see the miracle.

But you will not do it, you will say how can I do it? There are so much financial problem and I cannot do it now, may be in future when my financial position will be better I will do that. But tomorrow never comes.

But you will keep on criticizing others for not doing their part without being slightest concerned about what you have to do.

Forget about the world, do your bit and believe me that will make true difference.

Do it anywhere in India, that’s your choice but do it. If you have place where you can keep a cow, keep her, serve her with your hand and see the miracle.

But for the God sake don’t criticize others unless you do something.

I cannot keep cow in flat in Ghaziabad therefore I have decided that I will keep my mother cow in a village at Bundelkhand and do the same thing myself what I have told you to do.

If anyone of you is willing to keep your mother cow with a farmer at a village in Bundelkhand because of your constraints of keeping her with you, I request you to mail us in mail ID: Together we can make a big family. When there is no cow on the road there is no question of slaughter or dependence of any political party or other person.

My dear friend just do your part.