Deluded by their divine love, each cow thought: “Krishna is walking behind us with His friends.” Although they moved slowly because of their full udders and their love for Krishna, the cows moved quickly when Krishna called them. Their faces, tails and ears were raised, they kept bunches of grass in their mouths, and the blankets on their necks rocked when they ran towards Govinda.

The cows, headed by Ganga, always drank the nectar of Krishna‘s beauty with their eyes and smelled the fragrance of His beauty with their noses. It was as if they embraced Govinda with their bodies and licked Him with their tongues. Mooing in great joy they surrounded Him.

Overwhelmed by affection, Keshava [Krishna] scratched and caressed His cows with His hand and said: “Now You are satisfied with grazing, the day in Vraja is almost over. Oh Mothers! Your calves are suffering from hunger! Let’s go back to Vraja!”

The cows had bells with different shapes and sounds around their necks and feet. Headed by their group leaders, they went back to Vraja. The cows walked on Krishna‘s right side and the buffaloes on His left side. The residents of heaven mistook the cows to be the white Ganga and the buffaloes to be the black Yamuna.

Who will not be happy to see Krishna slowly walking behind His cows, showering them with nectarean flute songs, His restless locks of hair turned grey by the dust thrown up by their hooves?