Out of great affection for the cows of Vraja, Krishna became the lifter of Govardhana Hill. At the end of the day, having rounded up all His own cows, He plays a song on His flute, while exalted demigods standing along the path worship His lotus feet.

Hearing the sound of Krishna‘s flute, the cows and boys in the forest become filled with bliss and the demigods in the celestial worlds become filled with wonder. Krishna has become glorious like the moon. With the sound of His flute He made the cows stunned with bliss.

The gopis said: “By hearing the melodies of Krishna‘s flute, we gopis attain a condition like that of the cows when they hear Krishna‘s flute. Still, there is a difference tween us and the cows. The cows respond by gazing in Krishna’s moonlike face at every moment. We gopis cannot gaze at Krishna’s face in that way. In what yuga will we be able to always gaze at His face?”

When Lord Krishna plays the flute, the surabhi cows become completely enchanted. The cows then make many great rivers of fragrant milk flow from the great mountains of their udders, rivers that join to become an ocean, an ocean of milk like a great moat surrounding Goloka on all sides. These cows are kamadhenu cows, cows that fulfill all desires, for from them flows an ocean of milk.