We got opportunity to visit Shree Godham Mahatirth pathmeda which was established  in 1993 to prevent cruelty against Gaumatas.

Gaushala was started with 8 Gaumatas and currently there are around 150000 Gaumatas and their progeny. In these many years lakhs of Gauvansh have been protected and given to farmers who were willing to serve.

When we reached there at the gate of Godham it was feeling of going into different world. It was evening time and we were suggested to take part in evening Arti of Gaumatas.


We attended Arti which was beautifully conducted. Afterwards we received nectarian meal there. Our stay there was a great experience.

Next day morning after attending Gaumata Arti, we went for parikrama of Gaushala. Clusters of around one hundred Gaumatas in each cluster were made both side of Parikrama path. Place was exceptionally well managed where Gaumatas were living. A family was deputed to take care of one cluster of Gaumata. There were hundres of such clusters. The parikrama was of few kilometers and gave us the glimpse of massive Seva program being taken up by Godham.


Then we visited Dhanvantari (Hospital for Gaumatas) and were surprised to see facilities there. From there we visited facilities where Pathmeda products are manufactured (Located outside of the campus of Godham few Km away fro it). Employees were very helpful and shown us the facilities in great detail.


Pathmeda Maharaj was in Nandgaon Gaushala which was around 80 Km from Pathmeda. Therefore, we decided to go there and have his Darshana.


Nandgaon Godham is even bigger so we completed parikrama using vehicle. Arrangements of Gokripa Mahotsav was under progress there.


Every where we were welcomed and given utmost care. Our entire family including children were very happy in the entire visit.

We highly recommend our readers to go there and have feeling of being in Goloka.

We received excellent hospitality there but no one asked for donation of any kind. Though we donated whatever we planned to donate but this selfless approach seemed highly commendable.


Travelogue by: Upendra Hari Das